The Poor Will Inherit the Kingdom of God

A woman afflicted with A condition causing her to bleed for twelve years approached Jesus from behind. She touched the hem of his robe, praying for A cure. Jesus turned around and told her not be afraid, she was now healed because she had faith.

“Paul of Ryan” admonished Jesus for the rashness of his actions toward the sick woman. He insisted the poor would never learn self-reliance knowing that Jesus would bail them out continually. Paul insisted the poor needed to learn to depend on themselves.

Soon the pair were interrupted by ten lepers who were pleading Jesus’ help from A distance. Paul Ryan quickly reminded Jesus they had A fancy fundraiser to attend at the temple. He also said that these lepers already had access to healthcare. When Jesus gave Paul A questioning look, Paul reminded him that the sick could pray for A cure. He deemed this appropriate access to healthcare. Jesus told the lepers to get up and go because they had been healed by faith. He then turned to Paul and told him the story of The Good Samaritan.

A man was attacked and beaten by robbers. The robbers took his clothing and left him for dead on the of the road. A preacher walked down the road and when he saw the robbery victim, he went to the other side of the road. A wealthy man who said he loved God also moved to the ohter side of the road to avoid the hurt man. A hated Samaritan came by and showed mercy to the bleeding man. He cleaned and bandaged the man’s wounds and put him on the back of his donkey. He took the victim to an inn and paid the owner to care for him until he was well. Jesus asked Paul Ryan which example should be followed. Paul replied that the merciful should be followed.

Paul continued to explain that he meant the preacher and the Godly individual who crossed the street were the examples to follow. Paul thought the Samaritan’s actions sent the message to travelers that they would be rescued if they went down the wrong path and were injured. The Samaritan is also making the redistribution of money from the wealthy to the poor seem like an honorable thing to do. The wealthy should not share with those less fortunate because that supports socialism. The privileged should invest their money and create jobs, that is why it is better for the upper class to cross the road and ignore the robbery victim.

Jesus mused to himself that it is easier for the camel to go through the eye of the needle than for a wealthy person to enter heaven. Paul insisted that the health care model in favor of business was the best. People needed the freedom to suffer misery and be paupers.
Jesus reminded Paul that he had been designated by God to bring good news to the poor. Then he told the paralyzed beggar in front of him to stand up and go home. The beggar stood up and danced in joy as Paul scoffed at Jesus.

Paul offered to have Jesus meet his partner, Donald Trump, who would build the hospital where Jesus could work. The upper class would come there and pay Jesus large amounts of money to be healed. Jesus would get part of the income for his services. Jesus reminded Paul that the poor were blessed and would have the kingdom of heaven. The wealthy already had their comfort on earth with their money.

Paul Ryan argued that giving public money to the top of the social classes would give the poor more reason to work harder. A health plan has to center on less care for the poor and bigger benefits for the rich.

Jesus told Paul to leave him because when Jesus was hungry he had not been fed, thirsty and not been given anything to drink, naked and had not been clothed. Paul insisted that he had not refused help and that he talked about Jesus everywhere he went. Jesus retorted that since Paul refused to help the homeless and sick he had refused Jesus.