Taking Christianity Back To Jesus

Declaring Christianity in today’s world is more difficult than it once was. Many believers are embarrassed to admit to their faith. They are not embarrassed by Jesus but by some of his supposed followers and the Church itself. Many claim to worship Christ and uphold his tenants, but they are dangerously straying farther and farther away from the basic principles of Christianity.

During the 2016 United States presidential election claiming Christianity began to mean that you were a bully born to white privilege. It meant you were an open racist and bigot towards many groups of people who represent the world that God loves. Christian pulpits were turned into political grandstands instead of mouthpieces of the Holy Word.

Basic characteristics normally attributed to followers of Christ are now not so normal. For many people, Christianity no longer includes humbleness nor does it include forgiveness. Christians are no longer assumed to have a servant’s heart. They are not expected to bring healing to the sick. Many people no longer view Christians as compassionate, benevolent, or merciful; all of which are inherent to the word of the Bible. Some Christians have even decided not to turn the other cheek or even love their enemies. People around the world no longer view Christians as putting themselves second and everyone else first or as loving their neighbor. Christianity, in the opinion of many, no longer needs Jesus.

Christians are facing the choice of dismissing the idea of claiming Christ to avoid the negative associations or taking back their faith again show the love of Jesus. Choosing to take Christianity back to Jesus means choosing to embrace the Bible, not the worldly creation of Christianity. This is being done by refusing to live in fear of other cultures and the way they worship.. Reclaiming the faith means not believing God blesses America more than he loves the rest of the world. Also, not putting allegiance to a flag or political party above loving Christ.

These believers do not interpret the Bible so as to promote racism, bigotry, or sexism. Preachers, politicians, and congregation members who perpetuate these biases are being called out for them. Christianity is not always about rallying against an enemy or preaching only damnation and not grace. Bringing Christianity back to Jesus means refusing to be a Christian who does not claim Christ. Christians can not be faithful and carry out God’s will without the humility, compassion, and gentleness shown by Jesus. It is not Christianity without Jesus at the center of it.