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Living the Christian Life, Not Just Talking About it

amercian christian

Many American Christians do not realize the irony in singing praise songs about the Holy Spirit leading them to love without borders and then refusing help to refugees. Christianity in Western culture has taken a turn toward claiming to live like Christ, but in practice, they do no such thing. The basic tenants of the Bible instruct followers to help the poor, downtrodden, mistreated, and the sick.

A large number of American Christians have supported legislation that does the opposite by rejecting refugees and refusing to help immigrants. Social services for the poor have been cut and the sick do not get the help they need. Recent American government officials, with the support of so-called Christians, has promoted inequality and prejudice and increased fear of anyone who is culturally different.

Loving your neighbor as yourself is explicitly stated in the Gospel, yet modern Christians have chosen to use their political power to hurt the poor, the immigrants, women, foreigners, and the LGBTQ community. If they are not loving these neighbors, then they are not living Christianity, only talking about it. Protecting self-interests has become the norm, instead of selflessly loving others and putting Christ first in all things. This is most evident in the election of President Donald Trump. Control and power have taken the place of humility and service to others. Love, joy, peace, and happiness as blatantly missing from the current administration’s legislation involving health care for the poor, or aid to refugees.

In Matthew 25:35 the Bible clearly states, “For I was hungry and you gave food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” The majority of American Christians have disregarded this verse in regards to political policies. The Trump administration may cite political, economic, financial and safety reasons for its fear-inducing legislation, but these measures are clearly not based on the Gospel. Yet, modern American Christians have continually supported these politicians while claiming to follow Christ. Following Christ means you give up all your valuables and fears and rely on Him. This has been forgotten and Jesus has been abandoned in practice. The early church understood these precepts when they stood up to their Roman oppressors even to the point of being martyrs. They chose to serve Christ, not the ruling government.

They were persecuted to the point of execution, yet they kept Christ in the center of their ministry. When will modern American Christians learn to put Christ in the center of their lives instead of just talking about it?